Decisions, OctPoWriMo Day 21, # amwriting #octpowrimo



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Bees in Autumn #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington


Bees in Autumn

The door to mortality opened

this life, not a dress rehearsal,

the chill stings,

the bites of bees in autumn

you have under a hundred sunrises

I have never felt more alone.


Sascha Darlington

Switch #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington



The way a switch flips September 1st

allowing chill air to permeate shorter days

a  switch flipped announcing mortality

promising fewer days in a life unwell lived.

Overcome ,  she sang to the moon,

reflecting the sun, for just a little more.


end 9/9/2017

Sascha Darlington

Sheepish–Day 7 #NaPoWriMo #AMWRITING


A black sheep in a family of black sheep

the white sheep is the outlier

in that way more a black sheep than they.

Yet goofy otherworldliness reckons

not a sheep at all as sheep follow

rather than buck trends so not a sheep.

A quandary of misdirection, no connection,

except this section lately focused on mortality

an abnormality so young, glum features

definitely not a sheep, pulling wool, not cool

despair pools, where is goofy? No proof.


Still an outlier, but bipedally so.


end 4/7/2017

S. Darlington