June Wrap Up

I hope to make the month end wrap up a regular post. If you like it or can think of a way to improve it, please let me know! Thanks.

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I did 9 book reviews in June, but finished my Goodreads Challenge.

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It’s Weekend! #weekendcoffeeshare

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novelist fuel mug

So, yes, I am jumping the gun, a tad, but it’s Friday afternoon which equates to WEEKEND!!!, and I am actually drinking coffee, which at 4:30 pm is probably not one of my wisest moves, but, hey, ya gotta live dangerously once in a while! 😜

We’re in the last week of March, which is just baffling to me. How did we get here? Where did January, February, and March go? (Did I hibernate? Although my blog posts would suggest I did not.) Does this mean the warmer months may go a bit more slowly? One can hope, but I suspect it ain’t gonna happen. Continue reading

“Bid Adieu to Summer” Vacay


First off, let me apologize because I’ve fallen behind in my blog and responses and reading other blogs and almost generally everything except work and getting ready for vacation.

I promise to be a lot more interactive over the next few days even though I’ll be on vacation. The one thing I learned on my last vacation is that I still need to write, so maybe I’ve finally become a writer since it seems to be in my blood. So there will be writing! 🙂

There will be more Mouse stories to come. I know I kind of left her there in a desperate situation (poor Mouse is almost always in a desperate situation, which she handles with Snickers; I’m sure there’s a life lesson there, just sayin’) and you may be wondering: what’s next for poor Mouse? (me too 😉 ).

I’m off to North Carolina. First I’ll be visiting the Outer Banks because evidently this Pisces needs her fix of salt air and then off to the western part of the state (and mountains) that I’ve never visited before. I hope to share a lot of photos with you. Then on August 21 I’ll go to South Carolina for the solar eclipse and I’ll share that experience with you as I think it will be really, really cool and I’m looking forward to it. In fact, I’m looking very much forward to the whole vacation.

I hope to pop in later this evening when I arrive at my first destination.

Thank you as always for reading.

My best, Sascha D.



Mouse Does Not Sing: “Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli”

So, the all ubiquitous STUFF was making me sad today and I could write lots of sad up until I drowned in my own sad tears. However, as much fun (NOT) that that sounds like, I thought of Mouse. I thought maybe it’s time for Mouse. For those of you who have joined me since March, Mouse is a hacker who is part of a covert ops group. All of her stories can be found here. You don’t need to read them to follow because this is going to be a new adventure.

mouse and lolly

somone nibbled on Mouse’s ear…sorry. 😦

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Mouse Returns! (briefly) #AMWRITING


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Mouse Returns! (briefly)

“As you can only arrive by boat, you can only escape by boat.”

Escape. Who knew how appropriate that word would be?

This was a new twist on that timeshare scam of we’ll provide you a free breakfast in exchange for four extremely dull hours–“We’ll only let you go once you buy.” Oh, no one came right out and said it, but isn’t that what you’d think if, after your resort tour, it seemed you had no way to leave?

On Day 2, Georgie’d had enough. Sure the owners might have been smart, but they obviously hadn’t looked into Georgie’s background. Convicted hacker at fourteen, now part of a black ops team, she had just wanted a vacation. What was so wrong with that?

For the past year Georgie had demonstrated she was a mouse in name only. Now she looks at the two guards who pace the marina. They eye her as she approaches: a short, nondescript girl except for flashing eyes. She eliminates the first guard; the second tosses aside his weapon.

She frees the boat and gestures to her fellow captives whose mouths gape, wondering, suddenly, if the island might not be safer.


end 4/8/2017

S. Darlington

Mouse is a recurring character who has been on an extended vacation since the beginning of March and unless another small opportunity arises, she will continue on vacation until probably May. Mouse appreciates your support because, despite the fact that she’s on vacation, she doesn’t want you to forget about her. 🙂