Day 7, A Song to Drive to

Okay, so maybe I’m taking these some of these songs a bit too literally, but whatever. Way back when, Eddie Rabbitt was one of my favorites, and it was because of this song. It’s driving. The remake by somebody or other doesn’t have the driving force because the guy didn’t write the song (like Rabbitt did), and he obviously didn’t understand that it’s a driving song which means that your voice needs to be driving. Did I get enough “driving” in there? Continue reading


Review of How Far We Go and How Fast

How Far We Go and How Fast by [Decter, Nora]


How Far We Go and How Fast

Nora Decter

Orca Books

September 24, 2018

Blurb: Sixteen-year-old Jolene, named after the girl in the Dolly Parton song, is from a long line of lowlifes, but at least they’re musical lowlifes. Her mother is a tanning-salon manager who believes she can channel her karaoke habit into a professional singing career. Jolene’s dad, a failed bass player, has gone back to the family demolition business and lives by the company motto: “We do not build things; we only tear them down.” But Jolene and her big brother, Matt, are true musicians, writing songs together that make everything Jo hates about their lives matter less. Continue reading

The Score

Written in response to the black and white challenge offer by Charli Mills’ @ Carrot Ranch.


The Score

Until I was eighteen, I was Dad’s favorite. By focusing on my music, becoming the best mandolinist in the three states, I pursued Dad’s ambition, which had been squelched by pragmatic parents. Continue reading

#Weekend Coffee Share aka Poor Poor Pitiful Me (and it ain’t because of the boys)

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Just to switch things up from last week, I am actually having a cup of coffee as I write Continue reading