Tortured Writer?

For OctPoWriMo “Tortured”

We may be sagging but we’re still going. 😉

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The Writer

This is written for dVerse. An “early” quadrille. And for OctPoWriMo, “See Me,” as in the the writer.

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OctPoWriMo Day 11, She Fell Through the Cracks

I am behind (hahaha, so what else is new?), but I will catch up!!!!

She Fell Through the Cracks

I lost myself in happiness until it died. Upon awakening, perspective altered. My soul ached. Where am I? What happened to the young woman I was?

Time transported me into a dire desert of aged pain.

My choice wavers between fighting and submerging.

My claws extend.


Sascha Darlington


OctPoWriMo Day 7, Dear Writer

Dear Writer,


Practice everyday

even when words evade

Let them rise from you

your heart, your soul, your brain

Take risks, pour out despair

Care to create your truth

for there’s no one else who can

Write about what matters to you

for your passion will show

Write about what you know

and what you don’t

Play in the land of make-believe

Create worlds you wish to visit

make them vividly real on paper.


But mostly dear writer,

Listen to criticism, take what’s true

but never let it own you

so you never write again.

The same for rejections.

Don’t reject yourself.

Dream daily

Be sensitive

But never ever quit.


Signed, Someone Just Like You


Sascha Darlington

OctPoWriMo Day 5, I Tried to Write of Denial

Catching up isn’t so difficult when you’re only one day behind! 🙂 Today’s prompt was: denial. Not the river. (Okay, you’ve heard that one.)


I Tried to Write of Denial

I tried to write of denial but my guts roiled, pitching as if I were a female passenger on a storm-visited ship steered by a gleeful misogynist. And I read the news today, oh, boy, and the roil continued, my jaw aching from clenched teeth.

Denial, take the fair maidens to the gala but don’t let them dance. Let them watch. Let their tempers rise until their frustration makes them march to a far different drummer from one you’ve ever envisaged.

And then you watch, watch them rise, all the fair maidens will no longer be fair and I wouldn’t dare cross them.


Sascha Darlington


OctPoWriMo Day 4, The Watcher

Updated: because I evidently can’t count. 😀

Just one day to catch up on OctPoWriMo. Not too bad. Since I gave you a posting about cannibal cobras yesterday, I will continue with alliteration today, but with a poem about a not strange creature.


©Sascha Darlington


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OctPoWriMo Day #3, Specter


lost in the past, some halcyon, sepia-tinged fantasy days, cherub cheeked, chuckling, she felt lovable

now her life’s vintage, alone every move, love’s fleeting, mind dance of memories

his love cavorts away


Sascha Darlington

OctPoWriMo Day 2, Half-Good

I’ve done some introspection about my writing, wondering if I’m just putting enough effort in to get by and not enough to be good. Do you ever feel that way? But what does it take to be good? You possess all of the tools, but what else is there? I think I am trying to sort through that in my poem. Thanks for reading.

Image borrowed from the OctPoWriMo 2018 website


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OctPoWriMo Day 1–Surrender

It’s the October Poetry Writing Month! Let’s see how many poems I can manage to write this month! (There was a little sarcasm in that line, but if you didn’t notice, don’t worry. 🙂 )

Living in Virginia, I try to keep my feeder up for the northern batch of hummers migrating to the Caribbean (lucky them) or wherever it is they winter. As tiny as they are, it’s amazing to realize that they don’t fly in a flock but make the migration entirely on their own, flying low during the day to see flowers or feeders and then resting overnight. Bon voyage until next year, my tiny feathered friends!

hummingbird summer

©Sascha Darlington


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