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NaNoWriMo Day 5, Soup’s Off

soup's off cover

Update: No observations today. I got none.

I just want to make a blanket statement of thanks to those of you who have continued to offer supportive words. Each day it’s getting more and more fun to tackle the writing, which is so much better than the pain of the first day. I think that this is because I’m just writing whatever comes into my head and hoping for the best and no longer stressing as to whether you all will think badly of my writing. It’s NaNo!!! 😀

In this passage, I’ve take up another of the suggestions offered by you all early on, this one from Anne, perhaps better known to you as HorseAddict. It may not have the darkness she intended, if she did indeed intend that. But really none of this is dark. Also, I think her suggestion might proliferate beyond the main character.

Disclaimer: Blah, blah, blah…DRAFT NOVEL! 😉 However, you may continue to stare as you would for a train wreck in real time.

Invitation: I have taken to heart as well as writing, all of your suggestions so far. If you have one, as long as it doesn’t involve beheadings or erotica, please write it in the comments.

Onwards, and thanks again!

Total word count: 8718

383 words ahead

You can read previous sections here.

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NaNoWriMo Day 4, Soup’s Off

soup's off cover

Observations: Today was an “oops” day, meaning what I wrote today was actually written after midnight, which really feels like yesterday.

However, it made up for today being an “oops” day so my word count is still good.

I’m posting late because:

there’s so much to do!!!!! yooooowwwwwww

The writing continues to flow, although I’ve got that short fiction mindset of feeling like some scenes are throwaways, although they’re needed for character development (if that is indeed what they’re doing 😉 ; let’s hope anyway, right? ).

Disclaimer: Even though I have read this over to make sure that after midnight I was still “somewhat” coherent (I figure that “somewhat” is all that’s needed…haha), there will still be typos, etc. that I missed as well as lapses in judgement. This is a draft; it may for all intents and purposes be worse than a draft…it’s a draft written Under Pressure…cueing Bowie and Queen.

Total word count: 7564

896 words ahead.

You can read previous sections here.

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NaNoWriMo Day 3, Soup’s Off

soup's off cover

Observations: Well, each day it’s getting easier to write, and I’m trying to let the style go conversational so that it becomes less stilted. How is it possible that someone who writes as much short fiction as I do writes stilted long fiction? The pressure, man, the pressure! 😉

In one of the new passages, I realized I was writing in past tense and went back to change it to present, which makes me think I should have written it all in past tense.

Already used one surname twice for two unrelated characters. Fixed.

Disclaimer: This is a draft, just a draft. If it were a real novel, you would have paid for it, and I would have been ecstatic. You still have your money, while I’m losing my mind. Kidding aside, there will be issues with the writing, maybe the plotting, maybe the grammar. I’m just counting words…but hopefully the story’s not too bad…..yet? (I promise it might be soon.) 😉

If any of you are actually still reading, feel free to throw out suggestions.

Total word count: 5278

277 words ahead

You can read previous sections here.

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NaNoWriMo Day 2, Soup’s Off

soup's off cover

Observations: Today went far better than yesterday. It obviously helps to have a beginning down on paper, even if the beginning isn’t so good. Doesn’t matter. It’s the words that count at this stage.

Today I included some of the suggestions made by you all after the topic was chosen. I hope I treated your suggestions well.

Disclaimer: This is a draft. Writing is not up to my usual standard. It’s somewhat daunting sharing it with you all, but I think you’re friendly. 😀

Total word count: 3582;

248 words ahead.

You can read the previous section here.

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NaNoWriMo Day 1, Soup’s Off

soup's off cover

Observations: Today’s writing was: Painful, oh, so painful. The last time I did NaNo on my blog was in 2016, and I was fresh from writing a summer serial as well as writing every day. This year my serials have gotten bogged down and been inconsistent. What they say about practice is true. Writing is easier if you practice every day.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer will hold true for everyday that I offer a NaNo writing. The following is part of a draft novel and by no means a finished project. Guffaws are welcome, rotten tomatoes, not so much. Continue reading

Soup’s Off Cover

Some people may be using this valuable pre-NaNo time for doing necessary things like writing outlines and character sketches, but me? Well, I use this valuable time to create a cover because we know that’s what’s important, right? 😉


soup's off cover


But seriously, I am now off to do an outline. I just have this really bad habit of going off on tangents…

NaNoWriMo 2018: Soup the Perfect Comfort Food (except when it isn’t)

Soup it is! Magical soup that tends to make people’s lives better, but something’s changed in the world of our soup-making heroine because now the outcomes are unintended, and people are unhappy. What’s going on? Who done it? Is it that Englishman come to town? Her step-sister who’s upset because she never acquired magical baking or cooking skills?

Now who wants to play? Does anyone want to offer possible scenarios of a magic soup gone wrong? Let’s think funny or gross, nothing mean or violent. I’m thinking that this novel will probably attempt to be (how many other qualifiers can I put in?) irreverent and funny (we’ll see). I can’t offer you any prizes except for the possibility of your idea being ill-used next month when push comes to shove and I neeed another 20,000 words.

So I’ll be offering other possibilities for your input as I outline, but this is the first one since it’s the story set-up.

Thanks for playing! 🙂

ps this is my first time writing a post on the mobile app. It seems they do not believe in spellcheck nor special characters. Of course, I’m saving those for my novel. 😉