A Window to World, A Haibun #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington

7/25. I hope you don’t mind the reshare as I was originally late for the “window” dVerse prompt. I’ve edited it down a couple of paragraphs, but it’s a paragraph and a line still too long. I won’t be offended if  you choose not to read for that reason alone.  Thanks. SD

7/20. I am three hours too late (my theme this week) to participate in the dVerse collection, but the haibun is written. So here it is.

A Window to World, A Haibun

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A Fallen Poet




around us

their truth ground

in verses

voices resound

with pulsing memories

in notes shattered



the voice stays

in fringes

of subconscious

tomorrow’s waking

chords throb

lobed despair

in days disrepair


too soon







Sascha Darlington

I Would Tell You #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington

From dVerse: 

So let us put pen to paper tonight and write a Blessing Poem. May our words create ripples of light and hope in the pond of the world.

Here is how you can take part:

  • Write a Blessing Poem on your blog and link your blog back here to dVerse.
  • Submit your poem to the Mister Linky below. It will be open until MTB on Thursday.
  • Read what other poets have linked and comment on their poems. We get to know each other better that way.
  • Have fun.

I Would Tell You


I would tell you to always breathe deeply

Especially when stress wants to dominate

To remember that a moment’s anger

Can expand into unrecognizable proportions

That make apologies and forgiveness impossible.

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Looking for Signs #amwriting

For dVerse; Poetics and the sign said. If you want to see what’s going on, click on the preceding link.


Looking for Signs


Early August

meteorites flash

like spirits

across the navy sky

We watched, waited,

sipped red wine

shared laughing dreams.

She proclaimed:

“if one comes in five seconds

my life will get better.”

Instantly light speared

through darkness

We gasped, hope hanging

We never together

viewed Perseids again.

Her life didn’t improve

but like a meteorite

entering atmosphere

flashed and fragmented.


end 6/20/2017

Sascha Darlington

Buff the Sinewy Dragon #amwriting

To all of you wonderful people: I am off to the beach for a vacation, which feels very welcome right about now. Since it is purely relaxation and reading (of course) and writing (again, of course), there is a good chance that you might hear from me during my holiday. I hope to at least read some of your blogs while testing my sunblock.

In the meantime, stay safe and well and read and/or write something delicious! I leave you with a ditty about a dragon at the beach.


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The inspiration for my very first ottava rima (and my last?) is occurring right now and I probably should be powering down rather than typing on, and I can hear people I know say: she just doesn’t show good sense.

While I consider myself a writer, I don’t totally consider myself a poet. I love words and I love the possibility of the musicality of words when rhythm and wordplay exist. However, when words like iambs and feet and meter come up, I, for some reason, hear white noise. I’m still hoping to grow out of it.

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amaranthine #amwriting #dVerse

Visit the underground at dVerse to join in.


manmade stairs
to subterranean cave

damp shroud
of chilled darkness

into the lava tube

murmurs molder

extinguishing light
I present alone

echoes consumed by
volcanic sarcophagi


end 5/23/2017

Sascha Darlington

Based on a visit to Lava Beds National Monument located in northeastern California.