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You and me. Us.

Are there any stronger words? Two against all! You and me forever!

We huddled in that slight crevice, time and time again. You despised going home, especially on Fridays when your Dad’s paycheck bought liters of cheap gin and an ugly anger that marked bruises on your pretty face.

And me, my home was a sarcophagus, cold, where my parents stole to their own caves, not acknowledging me or each other.

You and me, us, holding hands, reprieve.

Us lasted a long time.

Until time threaded its skeletal fingers around your wrist stealing you away.

end 8/12/2017

Sascha Darlington



Halo of Hot Sunshine #amwriting


You complain of summer

how the days are so hot

you cling to the shade

where mosquitoes en masse

discover the mouthwatering

morsels of your blood

I smile but can’t murmur

agreement acknowledging

winter’s gray days

bone-penetrating cold winds

crying through the night

like banshees

numbing my nose, toes

no birds singing

just the wind and

the scrape of metal shovels

jousting with snow

no, I’d rather remain half-clad

in shorts and tee,

sipping iced beverages

sweat glistened

in a halo of hot sunshine.


end 8/9/2017

Sascha Darlington


written for dVerse, Seeking Some Shade Today

Tonight #amwriting


I wanted to be Maria in West Side Story. Forever. From the first moment, I heard the songs playing through my mother’s speaker and then saw Natalie Wood so sweetly beautiful, I sang along and dreamed. I created a niche in which I danced and sang and dreamed of a boy like Tony, but in my drama, he would live and we would love each other until the end of time. Continue reading

Ephemera #amwriting


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

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Some husbands saunter in and buy a dozen red roses. Guilt assuaged. Continue reading