The Writer

This is written for dVerse. An “early” quadrille. And for OctPoWriMo, “See Me,” as in the the writer.

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This Harbor

Update: Posted the wrong url. I was really not supposed to share this. šŸ˜€

Do you believe in cosmic intervention? Okay, I admit it. I am sometimes overly superstitious, believe in signs that may or may not be there. And I wonder what it means when I look at a clock three days it a row in the afternoon and it reads 2:34. It’s got to mean something, right? Or maybe my subconscious is at work and it compels. That’s not quite as dramatic though, is it?

So what does this have to do with anything? I wrote this piece last night and then the lights went out, literally. Which, of course, meant my wifi went out and, bingo, no internet so I couldn’t post the piece. Did that mean the poetry was so bad that the gods were intervening? Did that mean I needed to rethink? Well, let’s find out. Because I’m about to post it and if the lights don’t go out….

This was written for dVerse.

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Storms Within #amwriting

My second quadrille, thanks to dVerse. If you are a poet or want to be a poet, check out this very welcoming community. To read other quadrilles utilizing the lovely word “flicker” click here:

candles flicker

Candles Light Even Through A Storm Ā©Sascha Darlington


Storms Within

Storms hurled.

Thunder shook.

Lightning shredded.

Now we commune in candlelight

the flame flickering

casting suspicious shadows.

We would have chattered once

until dawn startled the horizon.

Now words are hard,

topics unmalleable

our years together

disintegrate like corroded batteries

acidic, forbidden to touch.



Sascha Darlington