Thank you to Kat Myman for giving us this fun writing treat! Twittering Tales!

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I Won’t Back Down — #WeekendCoffeeShare

novelist fuel mug

It’s been weeks since we’ve shared coffee, or in my case, tea. There’s been lots and lots of PG Tips during the past week!

What do coffee drinkers drink when they get sick? I did consider a cup of coffee yesterday just for the pick-me-up factor, but stuck with tea. Tea is my comfort food of beverages.

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I’m Back! Log of the Faithful Companion #amwriting

the great scout-ini b and w

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Elegy for the Dead Spirit — Day 3 #NaPoWriMo #AMWRITING

Elegy for the Dead Spirit

Every day she sang

sometimes “Oklahoma”

at the top of her lungs

in an empty house

with floorboards creaking

roof whispering with ghosts

After midnight low flute tones

murmured, a fugue as if she knew

her hopes fandangoed with futility

“Canon in D,” “Morning Has Broken”

Her heart once so big, open

she’d make you smile with hers

Laughter so real, its own music

Gone, she took the sun imprudently

mistakenly, unintentionally

The rains come like tears

Wipe away your misery

She may phoenix yet.


end 4/3/2017

S. Darlington

In My Mind I’m Going to Carolina


And memories of southern beaches are like cerulean ocean fantasies, like the last vestiges of a dream you’re not certain is real.

It’s May, but though there have been hints of Spring, chill has yet to yield. Here I sit, listening to the patter of rain again and then the insistent chirping song of the mockingbird singing: “This too is beautiful; don’t overlook it for clichéd peace.”

The cardinal joins in as does the song sparrow and catbird.

The rain continues. My toes long to curl in July-heated sand. I long for the stress-clearing Atlantic waves, throbbing to shore. Yet voices tell me that there’s more: open your eyes, ears, heart to all that unfolds around you–the irises, the peonies, the clematis, the flocks of bird-migrants from the south. Even the rain’s rhythm relates a song. Life and beauty are all around you, even now. Feast in it.