Photo Collage: Sandbridge Beach, VA

Summer Vacation Take 1, Sandbridge Beach, VA

June 2017


Southern Shores, NC, USA

The song that was playing constantly…and I loved it: Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers.

Traveling: sky on the stop for lunch, Faithful Companion Scout ready to travel, Faithful Companion Scout loves cheeseburgers with no condiments!


Afternoon thunderstorm brings rainbows.

Out and about in the neighborhood.

At the beach. Hot, warm ocean, relaxing!

August 2016.


I promised a rainbow. I still have to go through my other camera card (yes, there were two cameras involved in this rainbow photographing endeavor, but I think of this as the better camera and am therefore a little sad to see the quality of the photos. Let’s blame the photographer!)

the dark spots on the second photo are raindrops on the lens. pffft.