november snow 2018

The first measurable November snowfall in the DC area since the 1990’s!

And now it’s sleeting. And there’s a flood watch.  Yeehaw!



Written for dVerse

I missed the deadline for “Once upon a” so here it is for open link. Thanks. 🙂



Once upon a night

as meteors soared

illuminating obscurity

we understood fragility

each sacred breath

woven in cold white

a breath never to breathe again.


Lilac orchids in snow;

cacti in swamp.


I gathered the annuals in pots

before the freeze

upset by their death

although it never bothered before.

The early darkness seizes

me, portending winter snow

days wrapped in cold midnight

grayness, slate skies,

solitary tempest suggestions

of sleep, bitter sleep.



No Excuses. Let’s Have Tea! #weekendcoffeeshare



First off, I have so many new followers lately and I’ve been remiss in visiting your blogs so I’ll try to catch up. But I want to thank you for following! Thank you!

I wrote up a blog post about this week, which has sincerely been the week of CRAZY, but I felt like it was a downer and I’ve pasted it in Word and may revisit it at some point. Continue reading

S’no(w) Dream

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Written for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you, Rochelle!

S’no(w) Dream

Always at the edge of a dream, you appear. Your fingertips caress my cheek, a feathery kiss upon my brow, and a whispered word: “soon.” Continue reading

Deck the Halls #weekendcoffeeshare

cookiesIn a week, it will be Christmas Eve. I doubt you really need me to tell you that if you’re in the midst of shopping or decorating or baking. I just finished my first round of baking and am just about to pour myself a cup of coffee–appropriate for a coffee share, no?

Join me.


So my last personal post told you that we were expecting snow and it actually happened, much to my surprise. We had several inches and it looked beautiful with the Christmas lights. The neighbor kids had a great time sledding down tiny slopes. Continue reading

Last Straw


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

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Last Straw


He’s packing.

Her tears add salt to the sauce she stirs.

He lingers in the doorway, watching, his suitcase a burden.

She averts her face, hiding red eyes.


Snow hugs the window ledge, inches already, so silent. Last year they constructed a snowman that melted the next day.


“Maybe you shouldn’t go yet. The storm,” she says.

“Maybe you’re right. I mean, if it’s okay.”


Their eyes engage, briefly. She stares at her sauce, he at his shoes.


“I can be an idiot,” he confesses. She smiles. “Me, too.”


She extends the spoon to him for a second opinion.


end 2/24/2017 (99 words)

S. Darlington


Carousel of Life —Friday Fictioneers


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Carousel of Life

This address you know.

You drive up to the house. The horses stand in the snow at the trough like a backwards carousel, all so very surreal as you flash your badge. The officer waves you in.

Your husband, questioning the coroner, doesn’t see you approach the bodies.

“You shouldn’t be here,” he says.

Your little brother. His wife. Blood splatter. Immediately you observe the Beretta by her hand. Why? Last night they seemed happy, except for that one strange moment in the kitchen between your husband and brother when your intuition projected: “lovers.”

“We need to talk,” he says.

end 12/15/2016

S. Darlington