NaNoWriMo Day 7, Soup’s On

soup's off cover

Update: In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t write during the day yesterday. Too much going on and that can be a hazard when you’re trying to get those 1667 words a day done.

So, I’m providing this section for Day 7 and am desperately hoping to catch up this evening for Day 8. I hope that there will be another post this evening.

The good things is that I have a pretty reasonable idea of what the next bit is going to be and then it gets hazy. Really, really hazy. 😀

I am open to suggestions.

Observation: I can feel dialogue wanting to take over so I keep drawing back and trying to describe the scene too. That’s not as much fun as writing dialogue.

Total word count: 11526

1810 words behind. 😦

You can read previous sections here.

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NaNoWriMo Day 2, Soup’s Off

soup's off cover

Observations: Today went far better than yesterday. It obviously helps to have a beginning down on paper, even if the beginning isn’t so good. Doesn’t matter. It’s the words that count at this stage.

Today I included some of the suggestions made by you all after the topic was chosen. I hope I treated your suggestions well.

Disclaimer: This is a draft. Writing is not up to my usual standard. It’s somewhat daunting sharing it with you all, but I think you’re friendly. 😀

Total word count: 3582;

248 words ahead.

You can read the previous section here.

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