So That Sore Throat From Hades

At the beginning of my book review on July 4, I mentioned I had the worst sore throat ever. Ha!

After much procrastination and a fever rising to 102° yesterday evening, I decided that maybe I’d go to one of those Urgent Care facilities, which then sent me to the Emergency Room.

My sore throat was indeed the sore throat from hell as it was strep “gone bad” as the doctor at the Urgent Care put it. Evidently if you’ve never had your tonsils out (like moi), you can develop a peritonsillar abscess, which needs to be drained, plus the added pleasure of intravenous steroids to reduce swelling and intravenous antibiotics.

Just to add further delight, because I was barely able to swallow even liquids yesterday, I was severely dehydrated, which made trying to find a vein to put the IV in like searching for a vein of water in the Sahara, and my swollen right hand shows it.

But, alas, it all ends on a good note. I am home, hugged Scout multiple times, and am slowly beginning to feel like ME again!

As a typical writer, I observed a lot of usable things in my 6 hours in the ER. My ENT at the hospital was a blessing, just a wonderful and funny human being, who might find her way into a story. After encountering so many humorless, impatient doctors, she was a gem.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all an update that things might not be back to normal here at the microcosm until tomorrow, but definitely (why do I feel like I should add a “hopefully?”) Monday.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, and don’t procrastinate on health issues as I evidently do.

Hugs, Sascha