Review of A Charm Like You

A Charm Like You

Charmed in Texas series

Sharla Lovelace

Lyrical Shine

December 25, 2018

Blurb: Even in a quirky small town like Charmed, Texas, there’s always room for love to take you by surprise . . . 

Gabi Graham might have hit the proverbial rock in rock-bottom. Hitting the single scene after ten years is hard enough. Finding out that her cheating ex-husband and his new barely-legal fiancée are expecting—that’s enough to drive Gabi over the edge and into a neighboring town’s divorce support group. It’s not really her thing to listen to anonymous strangers bash their exes, but at least there are cookies. And a sexy fellow newcomer who ignites her long-dormant libido. Spending a few lustful, post-meeting moments in Hot Guy’s truck can’t hurt. Unless, of course, Hot Guy turns out to be Thatcher Roman—her best friend’s brother and Gabi’s silent business partner. Continue reading


Review of Charmed at First Sight

I have had an incredible run of good luck with the novels I’ve read in the past few weeks. And that luck continues! 🙂

Charmed at First Sight (Charmed in Texas) by [Lovelace, Sharla]

Charmed at First Sight

Sharla Lovelace

Lyrical Shine

July 10, 2018

Blurb: A hot mess runaway bride and a smokin’ hot biker lock eyes at a red light. Lord have mercy . . . is our little town of Charmed, Texas ready for this? 

Never one to do things by the book, Micah Roman couldn’t just chalk it up to bridal jitters, or even quietly call off her wedding to her long-time fiancé. No, she has to high-tail it out of the church sporting a dress that cost more than her car, and jump on the back of a smoking-hot stranger’s motorcycle. Her knight in all-black is headed to a town called Charmed, so that’s where she’ll go and try to lay low. Except their appearance raises plenty of eyebrows . . . and a sudden, intense attraction she has no business exploring. Continue reading

Review of Gone for You


Gone for You by Jayne Frost

Publisher: Sixth Street Press

Publication Date: April 28, 2015

Cameron is the guitarist for Caged, a rock band based out of Texas. He’s used to having his choice of women, all more than willing to throw themselves at him for a one-nighter. When a traffic accident involving Caged’s drummer occurs, Cameron has to stay at an exclusive spa before his next big concert. He meets Lily, a competent, hard-working student who is very different from the women he usually meets. He’s intrigued by her and decides to sweep her off her feet. She will be the girl of the moment.

Gone for You is a rock romance that is told exclusively from Cameron’s point-of-view. This is the first time (I think, don’t hold me to it) I’ve encountered a romance told solely from the male viewpoint. I liked it, but then I also liked Cameron. I started out liking Lily because she seemed feisty and unmoved by Cameron’s glamour, but she fell for him far too quickly. At one point, shy, sweet Lily starts calling people “shits” and that seemed so out-of-character and jarring it disrupted my reading.

Some of the initial scenes with Cameron and Lily were a lot of fun, especially the one in which Lily orders clothes for Cameron. Very good naturedly Cameron went along with the joke and that did an awful lot for his appeal.

Lately there seem to be a lot of romance novels that employ immediate “love.” I noted that one reviewer of romances called it “insta-love” and that seems to fit. It’s not “love-at-first-sight”; it tries to differentiate itself, but to what end? Sure, I could see where Cameron would be intrigued by Lily, because initially she was very different from all of the other girls, but then she wasn’t and there just wasn’t enough between them for “love.” It’s lust, dears. Ripping each other’s clothes off a day after knowing each other is: lust. It has its place, why misrepresent it?

Unfortunately, it did seem like Gone for You‘s appeal waned after Cameron and Lily had sex. Probably because the “obstacle” to keep them apart was emotional, and heavily resting on emotional maturity, and not substantial. I felt like: I’ve read this novel before.

I am hoping that future offerings in the Sixth Street Band Series will try to explore rock and romance with the fresh perspective and humor that Gone for You seemed initially inclined to provide.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

From Amazon: Gone for You, currently free….can’t beat that price.

rating: butterflybutterflybutterflyladybug