Happy Earth Day! #weekendcoffeeshare



Despite the fact that quite a bit of the day was overcast, I felt like spring might finally be here. The flowers and trees and birds are doing their best to support this philosophy. The cowbirds and catbirds have returned. It was so nice yesterday to step outside as evening was falling and hear the catbirds. Continue reading


Checking In

We’ll call this the #weekendcoffeeshare without the actual beverages, because I just finished my cuppa.Ā šŸ˜ž

IMG_3103 (2)

What a gorgeous autumn day! The willows still have some vibrant yellow leaves, which look even more gorgeous against the rich blue sky. Continue reading

Hello, My Name Is #weekendcoffeeshare


If we were having coffee, or tea, definitely tea for me right now, I’d reintroduce myself because I feel like it’s been quite awhile since I’ve (me the personal person, writer person, not reviewer person) been here.

November is like that though, for me anyway except this one had to be slightly different as I’ve been…get this…sick since Tuesday. There is a target on me this year. It’s an invisible one if it’s there. Because I’ve looked! But I’m not having it. Not any more. Continue reading

I Won’t Back Down — #WeekendCoffeeShare

novelist fuel mug

It’s been weeks since we’ve shared coffee, or in my case, tea. There’s been lots and lots of PG Tips during the past week!

What do coffee drinkers drink when they get sick? I did consider a cup of coffee yesterday just for the pick-me-up factor, but stuck with tea. Tea is my comfort food of beverages.

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Let’s Have Coffee! #weekendcoffeeshare #amwriting

novelist fuel mug

Thanks for joining me for a hot beverage or iced, if you prefer!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I almost wasn’t going to share coffee with you this week. Not because we’ve had a falling out, but because it was just a regular old week and I was afraid of putting you to sleep despite the caffeine intake.

There was work. And there was me trying to be a book blogger, mostly successfully, and a writer blogger, semi-successfully, and trying to get my lower joints mindful of the uphill climb ahead–getting them healthy for exercise, not successfully.

I don’t know if anyone has any secrets of how to organize time so that you make use of all of your available minutes. I suppose if I wasn’t so easily tempted by tangents, especially when I sit down at the computer to do one thing and then do 20 others before realizing I never did that one thing, I would be better off.

If you were having coffee, I’d talk to you about writing. This past week I’ve had several lovely people talk to me about writing a novel. Some are mystified as to why I haven’t done it yet. If you’ve tried, you know it’s daunting. And I need to be better organized, which I know is just an excuse.

But what isn’t an excuse is time. Aw, maybe that’s an excuse too. Yep, probably an excuse. Maybe it’s time to just stop making excuses. I’ll update you on that.

This week I read some lovely books and some not so lovely books. Of the 7, The Secret History of Us and Once and for All were probably the best, although if you look at my reviews for the week, you’ll see that there were some close runner-ups. If you’re on Goodreads, you can find me here.

I did some writing, although not quite as much as I would have liked. It seems when I’m busy or tired, writing is the first thing that takes a hit, probably because if the words aren’t flowing easily, it takes more out of me to get them on the page. I participated in both Friday Fictioneers and Sunday Photo Fiction. I Ā love doing the picture prompts and I love reading other writer’s stories too.

Thanks for sharing coffee. Next week, I will be in a different locale so hopefully I’ll have some pics to share. Until then, have a fantastic week and thanks for being a part of my life!

all the best, Sascha

Let’s Have Coffee (or Tea)! #amwriting #weekendcoffeeshare




Pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee, or tea. I’m having PG Tips right now and will be examining my caffeine intake. More on the reasons for that below. Continue reading