Weather’s Roller Coaster

Written for dVerse. Happy New Year and the first dVerse of the year.

sun through trees

©Sascha Darlington

Weather’s Roller Coaster

I could write of fierce January with winds whirling through the naked willow limbs, gunmetal gray skies unyielding, frigid cold, but it wouldn’t be today, a gift of sunshine and short sleeves. Continue reading



Written for dVerse

I missed the deadline for “Once upon a” so here it is for open link. Thanks. 🙂



Once upon a night

as meteors soared

illuminating obscurity

we understood fragility

each sacred breath

woven in cold white

a breath never to breathe again.


Lilac orchids in snow;

cacti in swamp.


I gathered the annuals in pots

before the freeze

upset by their death

although it never bothered before.

The early darkness seizes

me, portending winter snow

days wrapped in cold midnight

grayness, slate skies,

solitary tempest suggestions

of sleep, bitter sleep.



Autumn Sunset #amwriting #dVerse

I have not been part of the dVerse universe for a bit, but was thrilled to see this “prompt” and the beautiful pictures shared by Sharon Knight at sunearthsky, each of which could easily produce a poem. And the ones she’s inspired!

I selected the following picture, which spoke to me–because, yes, inanimate objects DO speak to me. 😉



© Sharon Knight

Please visit her website to see more of her stunning photographs. Continue reading

Halo of Hot Sunshine #amwriting


You complain of summer

how the days are so hot

you cling to the shade

where mosquitoes en masse

discover the mouthwatering

morsels of your blood

I smile but can’t murmur

agreement acknowledging

winter’s gray days

bone-penetrating cold winds

crying through the night

like banshees

numbing my nose, toes

no birds singing

just the wind and

the scrape of metal shovels

jousting with snow

no, I’d rather remain half-clad

in shorts and tee,

sipping iced beverages

sweat glistened

in a halo of hot sunshine.


end 8/9/2017

Sascha Darlington


written for dVerse, Seeking Some Shade Today

Fly Safe


Each time I pass the window

I glance at the hummingbird feeder

the red disc like a Martian spacecraft

hovering, suspended from an anchor.

The chill today imparts understanding.

Soon, she’ll wing south to tropical locales

while I’ll wash the feeder with vinegar, water,

prepare for winter storage, gray days, long nights,

winds howling fierce while snow trembles,

breath rising like fog, hugging arms for warmth.


So very long to April with January and February’s cold

administered, large doses, not quelling memories of warmth

and yellow flowers like the sun, face spilling into silken petals,

fragrance rising like a Puccini aria, embracing, but

not yet. Fly safe little bird, celestial ruby throat,

until next spring, when your repast will be waiting.


end 9/15/2016 (2)

S. Darlington